Living The Van Life – T-Shirt Sample

I have been working on whipping up a few t-shirt designs.  Here are a couple to check out!  I really want to follow through with this idea in making these t-shirts available for sale here on the internet.

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6 Responses to Living The Van Life – T-Shirt Sample

  1. graham says:

    Hi Chad-

    I have just finished reading your blogging posts…from your first night in your weary…to Nov.5 2012…I think its great…lots of worthwhile tips/pointers…and honesty. I start my adventure this Saturday…



    • Chad De Rosa says:

      Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you are starting an adventure too! It’s pretty cool! Keep the faith! Hope it works out for you… Keep me posted!

  2. Kenneth Holland says:

    Hi Chad,

    Just found your videos and blog last night. Good stuff. Have been strongly considering a Eurovan/Westfalia or Rialta lifestyle for about a year. Inspiring stuff. Ken

  3. T J C says:

    Love the t-shirt ideas. When you are finished with them let us know and I will purchase a couple from you . I own a 90 Westy and since 1994 I have lived in it for a total of about 8 years. Plenty of great memories and having the Westy, I know I can return to living in it at a moments notice.

  4. Cyrus says:

    What’s up man? I saw your YouTube video about living in your westie. I dig it, I’m a vandweller too, in Tacoma wa. Where do you park your home?

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