Living The Van Life – Be proud of your lifestyle… WEAR IT ON YOUR CHEST!

FEEDBACK PLEASE!!   When someone gets the idea of changing their lifestyle and taking on the adventure of living in a van, there is a lot of thought and decisions that go into it. It’s a lifestyle that you really need to be mentally prepared for.  This lifestyle really seems to be judged by so many people in American society. So many Americans jump to conclusions that a van dweller is someone who is one step away from being a homeless person on the street corner begging for food and money.  It really has been a refreshing surprise to see all the positive feedback toward a van dwelling lifestyle that my youtube channel has received.  It has been so great to see that there really are a lot of other people out there who are beginning to think along the same lines that I began to think nearly two years ago.  It’s really brought me to the point of not really caring about what the rest of society thinks about people like us.  Us being the people who CHOOSE to live this lifestyle because it is a simpler and free’r way of living.   This whole concept has been turning the gears inside my head and I have been scheming more ideas of how to wear this way of living on my chest.  I thought it would be really cool to come up with a t-shirt concept that, with a play of words and an image, would basically say “Yeah!  I live in a van!!  DON’T JUDGE ME!”  I thought I would throw this idea out to my blog followers and see what people thought.  Leave your comments and your thoughts!  Once I got this process rolling, I want to make the t-shirts available for the rest of the van dwelling community to purchase!  After all… we all need clothes on our back….. why not wear something that supports your lifestyle rather than wearing branded shirts that advertise for multi million dollar corporations?

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5 Responses to Living The Van Life – Be proud of your lifestyle… WEAR IT ON YOUR CHEST!

  1. Tom says:

    Hey dude!

    Yes, I’ve Seen your video’s and enjoy them.

    I live in a ’98 RoadTrek 190 in Northern California … only just lately, I have a small office to abuse. I live the life near “Techshop” in the Bay Area and I understand what you mean about being judged… but don’t let it get you down. We’re doing pretty good when the weather’s nice and we keep our rigs polished… I just love parking anywhere and being “Home”.

    Life in a van can be TOUGH in winter, particularly Oregon but you seem to be getting by with style… the rig looks well cared for, even when to thrash it some (like in November 2011)!

    I saw the new engine vid… real good work there. I drove an older VW camper van for a while… I can see why ANYONE would want more power.

    Take care out there!

  2. Alex says:

    I would love a t-shirt! As long as they are available in the UK! Great idea.

  3. Pat says:

    Looks like you are making it work. Love to see more posts, so keep them coming. I didn’t know anything about Westys, so I’ll be doing a bit of research into them. I’d like to live in a van soon too.

  4. robert says:

    I want a T-Shirt! Love your videos man. Keep up the good work.

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